Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps

Yeah…Wallstreet (times 2) was alright…it was going down a bad memory lane watching the housing crisis toilet and each time Casey Mulligan cried I wondered how many light bulbs on the set were wasted on her working up tears. But…the main guy was cute and you could see his potential…he’s earnets….hmmm would I invest stock in him? Well not in anyone/anywhere…I’m Jewish! Wallstreet, no matter how CERTAIN the investor plus no matter how orthodox isn’t worth 5 bucks; I’m 100 lbs, it goes a looooooong way at the grocery.
Yeah. thumbs up (maybe three times, or depending on how much you like seeing money flow.) If your really for it, or against it you could always read up on Abbey Hoffman…he threw bunches of it in front of the Dow and watched people trample over briefcases to get to it…


About Teetsiefly

If I were a purple piece of chalk I'd write on the sidewalks, on people, funny things I hear and sayings that I make up, which are stuck in my head....I'll only stay up late if its to write something funny, I read more than clean, and I don't blink an eye when my cats wake me up in the middle of night to water spilled over my already water-stained Abbie Hoffman bad bio from Half.Com. Have a pencil? I can draw over your grey areas with some fancy verbal color...
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