Technology’s moving to fast

Heck yeah technology’s moving too fast…Before two years ago my classroom had computers from 1990. 1990!  They could barely process, and, now that we have computers that are move fast? Well how do I juggle teaching my kids to type with teaching English because where as before, we didn’t have access to the computer labs.  Now we do.  I feel so intimidated by other schools.  I’ve read about some who have laptops at their school for every student.  Every student?  How am I supposed to compete with that, and, I just learned how to use United Streaming two years ago which I feel sure has been replaced by something faster.  I feel out of date and behind , but luckily I’m not a CTE teacher so I can still make my kids write two page essays instead of one typed, and I can still do volumes (with books) from the ones piling up in the school’s English department.  For someone like me who where’s big glasses and pages twenty minutes through directions to get through a manual, I ‘m not the best trouble shooter.  When a computer shuts down, I freak.  When my kids have trouble on one I grab my hair and run for the nearest person wearing in a headset (sometimes its all the way down at the AT&T store).  WHat do we do for some schools that have technology and for other schools who just don’t?


About Teetsiefly

If I were a purple piece of chalk I'd write on the sidewalks, on people, funny things I hear and sayings that I make up, which are stuck in my head....I'll only stay up late if its to write something funny, I read more than clean, and I don't blink an eye when my cats wake me up in the middle of night to water spilled over my already water-stained Abbie Hoffman bad bio from Half.Com. Have a pencil? I can draw over your grey areas with some fancy verbal color...
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