Following your dreams

I’m glad someone had the guts to go with it and do their own thing. I think everyone probably has more potential then they give themselves credit. I’ve been at a dead-end job for seven years and every morning that I drive to work I want to steer the wheel towards the highway so I can go someplace else. I don’t care where, Cleveland, Missouri, Frankfurt. Just to pick up a guitar and do something creative. I find more and more that I stay at my job, I need more and more to to be creative and add color to my job. I go throught the motions and the in’s and out’s of filing paperwork, grading papers, making up lessons, helping students, making myself familar with new objectives/core learning goals, and smiling when I don’t feel like it. I guess what we want to do deep down keeps reaching out of us like plant. The tenticles and stems get thicker and longer until they spread out and take over and some of us let them and feel that it’s our breathing tool.I’m glad I’m creative because its helping to add color to my world and helping me to create my own path for what I need to do. I think the greatest thing about being creative is that you can make it what you need it to be.


About Teetsiefly

If I were a purple piece of chalk I'd write on the sidewalks, on people, funny things I hear and sayings that I make up, which are stuck in my head....I'll only stay up late if its to write something funny, I read more than clean, and I don't blink an eye when my cats wake me up in the middle of night to water spilled over my already water-stained Abbie Hoffman bad bio from Half.Com. Have a pencil? I can draw over your grey areas with some fancy verbal color...
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