Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I got started reading this novel because really, I just wanted to get away…I liked reading on and on about aimless things (fixing some part on a motorcycle that I’ve never heard off, using some special soap to clean off the metal on the handlebars…).  Whenever Phaedrus wondered or got off topic, I did too.  Maybe I’ve had that feeling before, where I felt like I was just going , going with a lot of places where I was just passing, seeing absent expressions, not really seeing anything vocal, or wanting it, just watching people’s mouth’s go up and down with noise in my head silencing whatever they’re saying.  Maybe was Phaedrus, because when something gets into all of us when we’re just riding along we are someone knew or we change or getting something added onto us, and then we’re different…I liked seeing him pass through these different phases, watching the weather in my head chnage his hair or how to talked or acted and what he said…Book’s thumb’s up.


About Teetsiefly

If I were a purple piece of chalk I'd write on the sidewalks, on people, funny things I hear and sayings that I make up, which are stuck in my head....I'll only stay up late if its to write something funny, I read more than clean, and I don't blink an eye when my cats wake me up in the middle of night to water spilled over my already water-stained Abbie Hoffman bad bio from Half.Com. Have a pencil? I can draw over your grey areas with some fancy verbal color...
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One Response to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

  1. Robert Pirsig says:

    Thank you for your really beautiful review. It’s the first to see the book without attachment, the way I saw things way back then. Keep writing.

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